Tickling Fancies With Feathers

Ooh! That feels so good, honey! This is the reaction you could get if you tickle your spouse with your pheasant tail feathers. Or it could turn out quite differently if you attempt to tickle someone really sensitive by surprise.

What if you were that sort? What if you surprised a mountain of a man with your tickling, fancy feathers? Would he biff you over the head with his large knuckles? Or would he, fingers crossed, be one of those rare gentle giants, so hard to find these days? Fancy feathers are never hard to find these days.

pheasant tail feathers

Those with truly good taste and who know their craft can now have those famous black ostrich feathers plucked from the world’s largest birds that still cannot fly, all the way down in the old Karoo on the southern tip of the African continent, shipped off over to their northern shores and then couriered all the way across the country, all the way to their doorstop.

Or they could just go online and order their feathers already. The man with the feathers has got crates of the stuff. Once he receives your order, he and his staff will proceed to put together your colorful party plumes. So, what is it going to be then. Dark and lovely black feathers from the large ostrich? Or a d├ęcolletage of colors from the proud peacock? They are not party poopers. They just don’t do parties like you do.

But they are classy. They are so classy that even when they clean house, it must be done with class. Henceforth, they must be using a black-feathered ostrich feather-duster. And that’s economical too. No need to whip cords about and bump into things with a vacuum cleaner all the time.