Intercontinental Rugs Adding Variety

Here is a little d├ęcor inspiration for all those of you who fancy being warm and cozy at home. Wooden floorboards or tiling, makes no difference, a bare floor can leave you feeling pretty cold at night. You don’t want to put down wall to wall carpeting because then you will be hiding those good-looking floors from view. But after an excursion of area rugs atlanta ga ‘window’ shopping, you might start to feel a little warm inside.

It’s been window shopping all along, just to give you a picture. You haven’t quite decided what styles or patterning you want to go in for. So this you take home with you. And when you look around your living room, you see how it all fits together nicely. It’s now also a matter of taste. Some folks like a good eclectic mix, something Bohemian but not quite decadent. You’ve got an inbuilt flair for different cultures so far removed from yours.

You’re becoming something of an in-house trendsetter because the mystery of the orient seems to be growing on you. And that’s what you do. You lay it all out with Oriental rugs. But what can you afford? That’s the thing. The most authentic rugs, the posh ones, could set you back a small fortune. But you need not stretch your budget very far. Skip the culture. Skip the exotic. And just go in for function.

area rugs atlanta ga

Learn to become your own interior decorator. Thick, plush mats in a variety of different colors don’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. Oh, and one more thing before you go. Once you’ve got all these nice rugs together, all warm and cozy, how are you with your cleaning? They say steam cleaning’s pretty good.